Applying to Berkeley NLP

Prospective PhD Students

Thank you for your interest in our lab! Dan Klein and Alane Suhr will be recruiting PhD students for the next cycle of PhD admissions, which will begin in late 2022. Please apply through the EECS Ph.D. admissions process and clearly list your desired advisor(s) in your application. We unfortunately do not have the capacity to meet with prospective students prior to the application process, but we look forward to hearing from you after you have been admitted!

We refer students to the blog post student perspectives on applying to NLP PhD programs for advice on how to prepare a strong application to Berkeley NLP.

Undergraduate and Masters Students

Berkeley undergraduate students can fill out this form to apply for research positions in our group. The form requires a UC Berkeley login. We read all applications but may not always have openings. We recruit undergraduate researchers at all class levels, though a background in AI, machine learning, and/or linguistics is preferred. We typically interview new undergraduate researchers at the beginning of the semester.

We have compiled a list of resources to help you better navigate available NLP resources inside/outside Berkeley, and build up skills relevant to research in our group.